Eventmaker comes with a powerful language editor for your custom campaign emails. It’s derived from the markup language Liquid. This page shows you how you can use the custom Eventmaker liquid tags and variables to build your campaign emails.

Liquid variables

Here are the variables available to use in Liquid for the campaign emails :

{{ receiver }}

                      "_id" => "54da2651826b77b3770000e6",
               "created_at" => nil,
               "updated_at" => nil,
               "deleted_at" => nil,
                      "uid" => "TESTUID",
                "order_uid" => nil,
                    "email" => "john.smith@acme.com",
               "first_name" => "John",
                "last_name" => "Smith",
                 "position" => "Chief Technical Officer",
             "company_name" => "Acme Company Inc.",
             "phone_number" => "999 888 777",
                  "message" => nil,
          "invitation_code" => nil,
       "person_parent_type" => nil,
      "person_parent_field" => nil,
         "person_parent_id" => nil,
    "facebook_profile_link" => nil,
                 "event_id" => nil,
        "guest_category_id" => nil,
              "blacklisted" => false,
         "blacklist_reason" => nil,
               "registered" => false,
         "campaign_list_id" => nil,
           "guest_metadata" => {}

{{ event }}

             "title" => "New Year's Eve 2015",
         "organizer" => "Eventmaker Developers",
       "description" => "This event has not begun yet",
          "timezone" => "Paris",
                "id" => "5408886b4f6905cb83000001",
             "photo" => nil,
    "photo_original" => nil,
        "start_date" => Wed, 31 Dec 2014 22:00:00 CET +01:00,
          "end_date" => Thu, 01 Jan 2015 07:00:00 CET +01:00

{{ email_url }}


Liquid tags

Along with the native liquid tags, some new ones have been made available for you to build your custom campaign emails.

Create a new guest

Use this tag to create a new guest. The identifier below must be replaced with a guest category id.

{% registration_form_link "5408886b4f6905cb83000023" %}

Important :
- Will be not possible to use unique email in the event, or in the same category (invitee email already exists)
- You should be careful if you do a second emailing on the same database, because your invitee is still in your to_be_invited segment
- You can registered several guests
- Do not prefill the UID in your form

Convert a guest

Use this tag to convert a guest. You can also transfer it to another category with the extension field below

{{ guest.registration_form_url }}&guest_category_id=5408886b4f6905cb83000023

Important :
- The guest is converted. It is not anymore in invitee
- You can registered only one guest


When using Eventmaker Website feature, you can offer your imported guests to register directly into your website with the following tag :

{% website_url 'registration' %}

With registration being the path to your website page. You can also use this tag to point to any of your website pages that don’t contain a registration form.

Inline image url

inline attach in the mail the image passed as parameter.

<img src="{%inline_image_url "url_of_the_image" %}" />